Exploring American Folk Music: Ethnic, Grassroots, and Regional Traditions in the United States

Author: Kip Lornell

Third edition

Publication date: 2012

American Made Music Series

University Press of Mississippi

Publishers description:

Exploring American Folk Music reflects the fascinating diversity of regional and grassroots music. The book covers the diverse strains of American folk music--Latin, Native American, African, French-Canadian, British, and Cajun--and offers a chronology of the development of folk music in the United States.

The book is divided into twelve chapters covering topics as seemingly disparate as sacred harp singing, conjunto music, the folk revival, blues, and ballad singing. It is among the few textbooks in American music that recognizes the importance and contributions of Native Americans as well as those who live, sing, and perform music along our borderlands, from the French-speaking citizens in northern Vermont to the extensive Hispanic population living north of the Rio Grande River.

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