Jerry Garcia's Amazing Grace

Author: John Newton, Jerry Garcia

Publication date: 2002

Harper Collins

A 32 page illustrated book, with an accompanying CD, comprising the lyrics of Amazing Grace, art work by Jerry Garcia and a recording of Amazing Grace by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and Tony Rice.

The recording of Amazing Grace was originally released on;

John Newton was the author of the original lyrics of Amazing Grace, which is thought to have been written in the late 1760s.

From the rear cover:

February of 1993, Jerry Garcia met with David Grisman and Tony Rice to have an acoustic jam session. Tony's wife asked Jerry to sing Amazing Grace, and he obliged, with Grisman on mandolin and Rice on guitar. Together, the three played one of the most hauntingly poignant versions ever recorded of this classic song.

Undoubtedly saved by his own "amazing grace," John Newton was a slave ship captain turned preacher who wrote the first version of this timeless hymn in the late 1760s. It went on to become one of the most beloved songs in America. Recorded hundreds of times, it resonates as strongly today as it did when it was originally written.

Garcia recorded Amazing Grace for the first time while jamming with Grisman and Rice (recorded on Acoustic Disc's The Pizza Tapes), making it a rare event - and the inspiration for this book.

Jerry Garcia was an artist, a poet, and a world-renowned musician. Amazing Grace is a classic song that has inspired countless generations. Here for the first time, the lyrics of this song are illustrated with a selection of Jerry Garcia's own wildly imaginative artwork, which was painstakingly chosen in cooperation with Deborah Koons Garcia from more than four hundred pieces of her late husband's works.

A CD of the 1993 Garcia/Grisman/Rice recording of Amazing Grace is included in this book, making Jerry Garcia's Amazing Grace a unique keepsake for art and music lovers alike.

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