An American Rock History Vol. 1: California The Golden State 1963 - 1985

Author: Hugh MacLean, Vernon Joynson

Publication date : 1987

Borderline Books

The first in a series of regional American rock histories. An A-Z of Californian rock groups and performers. Includes well known groups through to very minor groups who never recorded. Provides a brief biography and a list of recordings for each group where possible. Includes entries for the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Bob weir, Bobby and The Midnies, Robert Hunter, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Kingfish and the Warlock.

Also, of course, includes many other Bay Area groups from the mid to late 1960's.

The work started by Joynson and MacLean in this series continued in Fuzz, Acid and Flowers: A Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie Rock (64-75) and then on the Borderline Books website which unfortunately is currently not online.