Apathy for the Devil: A 70s Memoir

Nick Kent

Publication date : 2010

De Capo

From the Publishers description:

As a college dropout barely out of his teens, Kent's first five interviews were with the MC5, Captain Beefheart, the Grateful Dead, the Stooges, and Lou Reed. But after the excitement and freedom of those early years, his story would come to mirror that of the decade itself, as he slipped into excess and ever-worsening heroin use. Apathy for the Devil is a compelling story of inspiration, success, burn out, and rebirth from a classic wordsmith.
The Grateful Dead are mentioned in a number of the section of the book. The final section of the book Soundtrack For The Seventies discusses songs or albums that were important to Kent during the 1970s. The first entry in this section (January 1970) is Dark Star which is described as "psychedelic rock's crowning glory and last hurrah".

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