Be Glad: An Incredible String Band Compendium

Editor: Adrian Whittaker

Foreword: Joe Boyd

Publication date : 2004

Helter Skelter Publishing

Publisher's description:

The ISB pioneered "world music" on '60s albums like The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter - Paul McCartney's favorite album of 1967! - experimented with theater, film, and lifestyle; and inspired Led Zeppelin. Be Glad features interviews with all the ISB key players, as well as a wealth of background information, reminiscence, critical evaluations, and arcane trivia, this is a book that will delight any reader with more than a passing interest in the ISB.
Be Glad was an Incredible String Band fanzine which was produced between 1992 and 2002. This book is a compilation of articles, interviews and reviews from the fanzine put together by one of the the fanzine editors Adrian Whittaker.

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