Blue Note: The Album Cover Art

Author: Graham Marsh, Glyn Callingham

Publication date: 1991

Collins & Brown

Publishers description:

The jazz company Blue Note Records has always had a reputation for producing fine album covers, and in its heyday was the most successful and influential of all the classic jazz record companies. The Cover Art of Blue Note: The Collection brings together all the finest Blue Note album covers. Includes a foreword by Horace Silver, composer and musician who greatly influenced the evolution of jazz in the 1950s. Atmospheric photographs by Miles Reid capture some of the great jazz musicians recording at the Blue Note studios. Promoting a stylistic way of thinking and influencing many of today's trends in graphic art with their pioneering use of typography, the covers present sophisticated images of fashion and personal flair that mirrored the taste and integrity of the records themselves. The Blue Note label embodied one word: style.
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