Blue Note Records: The Biography

Author: Richard Cook

Publication date: 2003

Justin, Charles & Co

Publishers description:

Blue Note Records: The Biography chronicles the life of the most famous and influential jazz label of them all.

Here is the detailed history of the label from the beginning days in 1939 when two German immigrants, Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, began recording and releasing the hot jazz that they loved. It's all here, from the development, to the rise, fall and rebirth. From Sidney Bechet to Norah Jones, Richard Cook examines life behind the scenes and a parallel analysis of all the major records released throughout Blue Note's history.

The pioneering label of jazz's golden age, Blue Note Records is still a conspicuous arbiter of style that continues to have influence. Richard Cook captures the subtle art of Rudy van Gelder's distinctive, oft-imitated recording techniques, Francis Wolff's invaluable jazz photography, and Reid Miles' cool, trend-setting album designs which together set the standard that became and continues to be the classic symbol of the best in jazz.

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