The Book of the Dead: The Grateful Dead, England '72

Editor: Danae Brook

Photography: Mary Anne Mayer, Chris Parker, Steve Lovi, Guy Cross, Roger Perry

Design: Seabrook/Graves/Aslett Associates

Publication date: 1972

Warner Brothers

A 32 page book/programme about the Grateful Dead and their music. Produced in conjunction with the European tour in 1972. Includes a page listing the band and crew members for the tour, a history of the band, a two page biography of each band member, information about the Europe tour and a couple of adverts.

At the foot of the inside front cover is the statement:

Book Of The Dead first published Lyceum Ballroom 23rd May 1972 at the first of four concerts presented by Jumpin' Jack .... but the book remains timeless and free.
The front and back covers are black - hence images of some of the pages are shown here.