Comstock Lode

Publication date: 1977 to 1982?

A UK based fanzine that focused on Bay Area music from the 1960's but also covered a wide range of other topics as can be seen from the contents lists below.

The fanzine was edited by John Platt and often featured material from exclusive interviews. Probably only 10 issues of Comstock Lode were produced, the last being in 1982. The main features of these were as follows.

Issue 1 (1977): David Lindley interview, West Coast Beats, Stefan Grossman

Issue 2 (1977): Chet Helms interview, survey of the Bay Area music scene in the mid-1970s, Lawrence Hammond (Mad River) interview

Issue 3 (1978): Ed Cassidy interview, Peter Albin interview, Pete Brown interview, Kaleidoscope chronology

Issue 4 (1978): Gary Snyder, Mayo Thompson interview, Pete Brown interview (cont.), International Artists label

Issue 5 (1979): Viv Stanshall interview, Mike Wilhelm interview, International Artists label (cont.)

Issue 6 (1979): Terry Reid interview, Fred Sokolow interview, London music scene 1955-1965

Issue 7 (1980): Early London r'n'b scene, Bay Area 1960s family tree (Pete Frame), Los Angeles R & B scene in 1940s and 1950s, Mouse (posters)

Issue 8 (1981): Roky Erickson interview, Robert Wyatt interview, Peter Stampfel interview, Bridget St John interview, UK Beat writers,

Issue 9 (1981): Phil Lesh interview, Mickey Hart interview, Roger McGough interview, Ron Nagle interview, Glen Campbell (Misunderstood) interview

Issue 10 (1982): John Mayall family tree (Pete Frame), David Meltzer interview, Mystery Trend, The dBs, Hugh Hopper