The Crawdaddy! Book: Writings (And Images) from the Magazine of Rock

Author, editor : Paul Williams

Publication date: 2002

Hal Leonard

A collection of pieces from the first nineteen editions of the groundbreaking Crawdaddy! rock magazine. The articles are arranged by edition. The sections are linked by pieces by Paul Williams, the founder of the magazine and editor of the first 19 editions, describing the genesis and development of the magazine during that period.

Two articles include coverage of the Grateful Dead; San Francisco Bay Rock by Gene Sculatti, which was originally published in the sixth issue of the magazine in November 1966 and The Golden Road: A Report On San Francisco by Paul Williams which was originally published in the 10th issue in July 1967. There are other brief mentions of the band and other Bay Area groups throughout the book.

Other Crawdaddy! contributors collected in the book include; Peter Guralnick, Ralph Gleason, Richard Farina, Jon Landau, Samuel R. Delany, Jim Payne, Sandy Pearlman, Ed Ward and Richard Meltzer.

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