Cult Rockers

Author : Wayne Jancik, Tad Lathrop

Publication date: 1995

Simon Shuster

Includes a short section about the Grateful Dead.

"Rock and roll success is most often attained by mainstream performers, those whose image and music are conventional enough to appeal to the largest number of people. On the other end of the spectrum are the cult rockers, whose singular artistic vision and bizarre idiosyncrasies inspire enthusiastic loyalty among distinct groups of fans. In 150 profiles, many of them based on interviews with the artists themselves, Cult Rockers turns the spotlight on the superstars and the obscure alike, who have carved out their own special niches in the rock pantheon. They include:
  • The outrageous (The Dead Kennedys, Iggy Pop)
  • The avant-garde (Brian Eno, Frank Zappa)
  • The mysterious (The Residents, Devo)
  • The poetic (Lou Reed, Patti Smith)
  • The iconoclastic (The Sex Pistols, The Clash)
  • The gloomy (Joy Division, The Cure)
  • The virtuosic (Todd Rundgren)
  • The mythologized (The Grateful Dead)
  • and many more!
With detailed descriptions of each group's or individual's music style and key recordings, and revealing portraits of their behavior both on and off stage, Cult Rockers takes us on a colorful journey into the heart of the alternative rock world."
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