Dead Letters, Vol. 1 Inaugural Issue

Editor: Nicholas Meriwether

Publication date: 2001

"Dead Letters is a series of publications devoted to scholarly discussion of the art and phenomenon of the Grateful Dead and related issues, including the Beats, the hippies, and the counter-culture of the Fifties and Sixties, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Contents of volume 1:

  • Editor's Introduction

    Remembering Bobby Petersen

  • Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues: A First Transcription - Robert M. Petersen
  • "And I Done Some Time:" Bobby Petersen and the Grateful Dead - Christian Crumlish
  • A Note on Petersen's Letter to Judge Franich - Nicholas Meriwether
  • A Letter to the Court - Robert M. Petersen

    The Academy and the Dead: The Annual Grateful Dead Mini-Conferences

  • Coming Out to Raise the Dead: The First Annual Grateful Dead Mini-Conference - Robert Weiner with Mary Ann Martinez
  • Deadhead Word Jam: The Second Annual Grateful Dead Mini-Conference - Nicholas Meriwether
  • By Popular Demand: The Third Annual Grateful Dead Mini-Conference - Mary Goodenough

    Focus on the Second Annual Conference: Academic Memoirs

  • "Farewell to You Old Southern Skies" - Stephen Allen
  • The Grateful Dead as Popular Culture: Personal Reflections - Alan Lehman
  • Remembering the Dead - Lans Smith

    Focus on the Second Annual Conference: Student Papers

  • The Resacralization of American Culture: Lord Buckley, Jerry Garcia, "the Naz," and "Ripple" - Dale Osofsky
  • Deconstructing Deadheads - Mark Tursi


  • Dick's Picks, Vol. 16 - Blair Jackson
  • Dick's Picks, Vol. 18 - Brian Dyke
  • Dick's Picks, Vol. 19 - Jeff Tiedrich
  • "Looking At You Looking At Me:" A Review of Deadhead Social Science - David Habbel
  • Dead Reckonings: The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead - Vaughan Black
  • The Grateful Dead Reader - David Pelovitz
  • Halloween Costume Party Poetry by Bob Cooperman