Designing and Delivering Superior Customer Value: Concepts, Cases, and Applications

Author: Art Weinstein, William C. Johnson

Publication date: 1999

CRC Press

This book includes an eight page case study The Grateful Dead: Customer Loyalty and Service Quality.

Publishers description: "Great companies don't just satisfy their customers, they strive to delight and amaze them. Designing and Delivering Superior Customer Value explains how to continually create customer experiences that exceed expectations. This turns buyers (try-ers) into lifetime customers. The emerging value paradigm is not only a new way to think about marketing, but a new business imperative in the 21st century. It is the strategic driver that differentiates great companies from the pack. Value connotes many meanings - yet, it is always defined by the customer.This book stresses the service aspects of an organization - especially customer service, marketing, and organizational responsiveness, and how to create and provide outstanding customer value to the target market(s). With the integrated management perspective used by the authors, you will understand how to blend the delivery of service and quality, together with pricing strategies to maximize the value proposition. Those companies that embrace customer-driven value-creating methods will gain a competitive edge in the 21st century, those that do not will experience declines. This exciting new book is a guide to retaining your existing customers and to gaining loyal new customers."

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