The Easiest Best Thing Is Be Kind

Editor: M. Luke Myers

Publication date : 2007

The Easiest Best Thing Is Be Kind collects together poems, stories and essays by a number of authors collectively known as Deadheads for Darfur.

"Deadheads for Darfur is a small group of writers and sometimes writers that has published a book called "The Easiest Best Thing Is Be Kind". It is raising funds and awareness to fight the genocide in Darfur. Many of the writers are famous in the Grateful Dead community. The hope is that we can mobilize this loyal and active group for good."
All the money raised by sales of the book benefits the Save Darfur coalition. Hardback and paperback editions are available from lulu.com.

The book includes contributions by;

  • Ken Babbs
  • John Perry Barlow
  • Candace Cunard
  • David Dodd
  • Michelle Faerman
  • David Gans
  • Robert Hunter
  • Jordon Kalilich
  • Grisha Krivchenia
  • M. Luke Myers
  • John W. Scott
  • Steve Silberman
  • Michael Svensson
For more information see the Deadheads for Darfur blog

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