Flowers In The Dustbin: The Rise of Rock and Roll, 1947-1977

Author: James Miller

Publication date: 1999

Simon & Schuster

A chronicle of the birth and growth of Rock and Roll. The final chapter Break On Through includes two sections The Acid Test and Monterey Pop which include references to the Grateful Dead and other Bay Area groups.

"James Miller sets out here to capture the evolution of early R&R as an industry and as a force in American life. Without descending into diatribe or veering towards critical theory, this former Michel Foucault biographer writes about the metamorphosis of casual basement jamming into a sometimes devious multi-million dollar business. Strewn along the way are epiphanies of music history: Bob Dylan turning the Beatles onto marijuana at their first meeting in 1964; Berry Gordy producing his first big hit by instructing Jackie Wilson to imitate Elvis Presley; the less-than-endearing first appearance of the Sex Pistols on British TV. Both literate and unpretentious, Miller catches the frantic surrealism of the rock scene. As Jerry Garcia said, 'By comparison, real life is very dull'."
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