Grateful Dead: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Author: Michele C. Hollow

Publication date : 2009

Enslow Publishers

Rebels of Rock series

A short biographical work aimed roughly at ages 9 to 12.

Publisher's description:

There's nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.'' Chanted at every concert, those words say it all. There really is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert. Fans knew they would encounter friends, old and new, at all the shows. Swaying and dancing to the melodies, many "Deadheads" would follow their favorite band from show to show. Author Michele C. Hollow has interviewed Bob Weir, lead singer, guitar player, and songwriter for the Grateful Dead; Dennis McNally, the Grateful Dead's publicist for over twenty years; as well as David Gans, the radio host of the nationally syndicated "Grateful Dead Hour.
The Enslow Rebels of Rock series also includes books on AC/DC, Kiss, Judas Priest, Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. According to the publisher:
Each book highlights one classic rock band and describes how the members formed the band, how they wrote the music, any drama they might have encountered, concert tours, the number of albums, band break ups, and where are they now. These books also look at what was going on in the world around them at the time they were famous and at their peak. The books also look at each band's lasting impact on today's society.
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