The Grateful Dead and Philosophy

Getting High Minded about Love and Haight

Editor: Steve Gimbel

Publication date : June 2007

Popular Culture and Philosophy series, Vol. 28

Open Court

Forewords: Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, David Gans, Nicholas Meriwether

"The Grateful Dead and Philosophy contains essays from 20 professional philosophers whose love of the Dead's music and scene have led them to reflect on different philosophical questions that have arisen from the enigma that is the Grateful Dead. Coming at the Dead from a variety of perspectives, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, this book considers how the group fits into the broader trends of American thought running through pragmatism and the Beat poets. There's a pertinent analysis of how the parking lot scene with its tie-dyed t-shirt and veggie burrito vendors was both a rejection and embrace of capitalism, and much more. The lyrics of the Grateful Dead's many songs are also the basis for several essays considering questions of fate and freedom, the nature-nurture debate, and gamblers' ethics."

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