Grateful Dead Gear: All the Band's Instruments, Sound Systems, and Recording Sessions, 1965-1995

Author : Blair Jackson

Publication date : 2006

Backbeat Books

"Grateful Dead Gear is the very first in-depth examination of every aspect of the Dead's technical side, including their recording methods. From the "acid tests" of the mid-'60s to the famous "wall of sound" in the '70s and up to their exceptional later touring systems, the Grateful Dead were always on the cutting edge of technological innovation and experimentation. This exhaustive study includes clear and concise explanations of the band's equipment technology, instrument design, and studio recording techniques, plus a history of the group. It's the fascinating story of how a colorful cast of tech geniuses and visionaries merged art, technology, and commerce into one of the most successful touring businesses in music history."

Includes more than 100 photos and diagrams, new interviews with band members and technical personnel and suggested listening for every era of the group's history.

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