The Haight-Ashbury: A History

Author: Charles Perry

Publication date: 1985

Rolling Stone / Random House

A new edition was published in 2005 with an introduction by Bob Weir.

The Grateful Dead get mentioned many times in this history of the area in which they resided in the 60s.

From the cover of the 2005 edition:

"The psychedelic community of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district was probably the most widely written-about phenomenon of the 1960s apart from the Vietnam War. But the people who wrote about it were either outsiders who knew nothing about how it arose -- the whole event, from first public manifestation to gaudy collapse -- or participants clumsily trying to put a shiny gloss on those psychedelic times. How the Haight arose was, in fact, the secret of its mysterious energy, because it was a gripping drama, at the same time unexpected and awesomely inevitable. First published by Rolling Stone twenty years ago, this book was the first to establish what really happened there and to give an understanding of the event. It remains the definitive book on Haight Ashbury."
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