High Notes: A Rock Memoir

Author: Richard Loren with Stephen Abney

Foreword: David Grisman

Publication date: 2014

East Pond Publishing

This memoir by former Garcia and Grateful Dead manager is in four parts:

  • Part One: New York City: My life with Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and the Chambers Brothers
  • Part Two: Stinson Beach, California: David Grisman, the Rowan Brothers, Garcia-Saunders, and Old And In The Way
  • Part Three: The Grateful Dead: Politics, Grateful Dead Movie, Garcia Bands, Egypt, Saturday Night Live, Alaska, and Radio City Music Hall
  • Part Four: The Grateful Dead Merry-Go-Round: Germany, Mississippi River Boat, Watch The River Flow, Sirens Of Titan, and Garcia-Grisman
Publisher information:
HIGH NOTES is a collection of FUN stories. Seen through the eyes of an agent, a manager, a fan and a friend, these stories are the varied, true experiences of one man's coming of age in the music business from 1966 to 1981 ..... HIGH NOTES offers a broad look at the cultural era and focuses not on the glamour of the music business but on its more human and vulnerable side, as seen through the eyes of a twenty-something who adored music and was just getting his first taste of celebrity, big business, and the countercultural movement.
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