Huerfano: A Memoir Of Life In The Counterculture

Author: Roberta Price

Publication date: 2004

University of Massachusetts Press

"Roberta Price's book captures the moral fervor, the enormous amount of work, the sexual explorations, and the personal growth curve of one very smart, very attractive, highly educated woman who 'threw it all away' (as her parents might have said) to found an alternative community in the mountains of Colorado. . . . This is a very very good book and deserves a wide audience."--Peter Coyote, actor and author of "Sleeping Where I Fall: A Chronicle"

"An impressive and important book. There is a paucity of good literature on the commune movement of the '60s and '70s, and much stereotypic misrepresentation of the counterculture. What Price's memoir reminds us is that the counterculture was intensely political, although the politics were personal as well as national."-Alexander Bloom, coeditor of "Takin' It to the Streets": A Sixties Reader.

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