The Making Of A Counter Culture: Reflections On The Technocratic Society and Its Youthful Opposition

Author: Theodore Roszak

Publication date: 1969


An examination of the common ground between student radicals and hippie dropouts, their mutual rejection of corporate and technological society and the intellectual backgrounds to the two movements.

In a review in the San Francisco Oracle in 1969 Alan Watts wrote; "If you want to know what is happening among your intelligent and mysteriously rebellious children, this is the book. The generation gap, the student uproar, the New Left, the beats and hippies, the psychedelic movement, rock music, the revival of occultism and mysticism, the protest against our involvement in Vietnam, and the seemingly odd reluctance of the young to buy the affluent technological society all these matters are here discussed, with sympathy and constructive criticism, by a most articulate, wise, and humane historian."

A new edition of the book was published in 1995 by University of California Press with a new introduction by Roszak.

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