Masters of Rock

Publication date: 1990 to 1992

A series of nine 80 to 90 page magazines produced by New Morning Publication between the Summer of 1990 and Autumn of 1992. Further issues were planned but the company went out of business.

Issue 6 was a Grateful Dead issue. The main articles in this issue were;

  • The Story Of The Grateful Dead by Sandy Troy
  • Interview with Herb Greene by Elin Wilder
  • On The Road by James McGrath
  • Interview with Rock Scully by David Dalton
  • The Case Of The Disappearing Keyboard Players by Steve Bloom
  • 20 Best Tapes by Dan Levy
  • The History Of Taping by Les Kippel
  • Interview With Jerry Garcia by David Gans and Blair Jackson
  • Interview With Dr. Bruce Harrah-Conforth by Mike Olszewski
  • Grateful Dead Artifacts by Toni A. Brown
  • Dead On Disc - a summary of albums and single releases
  • Dead In Print by William Ruhlmann
Issue 7 was a Psychedelic '60's special comprising the following articles and interviews;
  • Parties, Parks, Women and Music: A Brief History of the Haightgeist Dude by Rock Scully
  • Janis In Oz by David Dalton
  • Impressions: The San Francisco Music Scene - 1965 by Gene Anthony
  • Just For Love: The Story Of Quicksilver Messenger Service by William Ruhlmann
  • Interview with Chet Helms by Sandy Troy
  • Jefferson Airplane by Lenny Kaye
  • Interview: Hot Tuna on Jefferson Airplane by Mike Olszewski
  • Country Joe and The Fish by David Dalton
  • Interview: Big Brother Keeps Holding On by Mike Olszewski
  • Interview: Victor Moscoso on Poster Art by Andrew Leranth
  • Frisco & Bay Area Rock: The Early Years & Also Rans by James Marshall
  • Where Are They Now by Jerilyn Lee Brandelius
All issues contain many photographs and illustrations. The Grateful Dead issue, for example, includes 12 full page photographs of the band. The Psychedelic '60s includes full page reproductions of 10 concert poster.

The issues published before the company folded were;

  • Masters of Rock: Issue 1: Jimi Hendrix
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 2: John Lennon
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 3: Jim Morrison
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 4: Led Zeppelin
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 5: Rolling Stones
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 6: Grateful Dead
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 7: Psychedelic 60s
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 8: Eric Clapton
  • Masters of Rock: Issue 9: Jim/Jimi/Janis