Metaphysical Media: The Occult Experience in Popular Culture

Author: Emily D. Edwards

Publication date : 2007

Southern Illinois University Press

Chapter 2 of this book (Out Of Body: Transmission And Transcendence Through Popular Culture includes a 5 page section about the Grateful Dead and deadheads with the title Grateful Dead Music and Dead Head Metaphysics.

From the rear cover of the book:

Considered sinister by Western religious traditions and bizarre in mainstream America, supernatural beliefs and the rituals of occult traditions are often publicly disparaged. But they are paradoxically embraced and exposed by popular culture, in television shows such as Bewitched and in movies from The Wizard of Oz to The Craft, according to Emily D. Edwards. Metaphysical Media: The Occult in Popular Culture is an in-depth discussion of the media's presentation of a wide spectrum of the occult that also serves as a comprehensive sourcebook of movies and television programs that deal with supernatural characters and themes.
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