Music of the Gilded Age

Author: John Ogasapian, N. Lee Orr

Publication date: 2007

American History through Music Series

Greenwood Press

"America's Gilded Age was a time of great musical evolution. As the country continued to develop a musical style apart from Europe, its church and religious music and opera took on new forms. Music-as-entertainment also evolved, with marching bands at public events and the new musicals in theaters. This volume presents the composers, musicians, songwriters, instruments and musical forms that uniquely identify the Gilded Age. Chapters include *Concerts and symphony orchestras *Grand Opera *Composers, Critics, and Conservatories * Amateurs and Music at Home *Sacred Music, Black and White *Ragtime, Vaudeville, and the American Musical Stage *Music, Politics, and the Progressive Movement *Music Industries and Technology."

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