The Penguin Book of Rock and Roll Writing

Editor: Clinton Heylin

Publication date: 1992

Prentice Hall

A collection of writing about rock music spanning nearly four decades. A wide range of the top music writers are present including Paul Williams, Lester Bangs, Jon Landau, Nick Cohn, Simon Frith, Greil Marcus and Nat Hentoff.

The book includes three articles that refer to the Grateful Dead;

  • San Francisco Bray by Richard Goldstein which is a survey San Francisco music which discusses the Grateful Dead. This article was originally published in Village Voice in 1967.

  • It's Too Late To Stop Now by Jon Landau which includes a brief summary of the Grateful Dead. This was originally published in the book It's Too Late To Stop Now.

  • What The Sixties Had That The Eighties Don't Have by Paul Williams which is an excerpt from his book The Map.
The Penguin Book Of Rock And Roll Writing was subsequently published as the Da Capo Book Of Rock And Roll Writing.
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