Playboy's Music Scene

Publication date : 1972

Playboy Press

A collection of music related articles that originally appeared in Playboy magazine. Includes the Ed McClanahan memoir Grateful Dead I Have Known which was originally published in Playboy magazine in March 1972. This piece was subsequently interwoven with another McClanahan piece and included as Grateful Dead I Have Known in My Vita, If You Will: The Uncollected Ed McClanahan, Ed McClanahan, 1998 and The Grateful Dead Reader (Readers on American Musicians), Dodd/Spaulding, 2000.

Authors of other articles in this collection include; Alan Coren, F. P. Tullius, David Standish, Saul Braun and John Bowers. Subjects of articles include; Mick Jagger, Frank Zappa, Arlo Guthrie and Janis Joplin.