Ptolemaic Terrascope

Publication date: 1989 to 2004

A UK based magazine that focused on the more psychedelic and experimental areas of rock. Covered both old and new bands and artists. The first issue was in May 1989. The magazine appeared irregularly, at a rate of 2 or 3 per year. The last issue, number 35, was in December 2004. Free music, a vinyl EP with early issues and a CD with later issues, was distributed with each edition.

The spirit of Ptolemaic Terrascope lives on at Terrascope online.

The main features in issues of the magazine have been as follows.

Issue 1 (1989): Bevis Frond, Flyte Reaction, Outskirts of Infinity, Twink, Green Pajamas

Issue 2 (1989): Spirit, Wipers, High Tide, Adrian Shaw, Bevis Frond, Walkingseeds

Issue 3 (1990): Charlie Watts, XTC, Spirit, Tangle Edge, Ectomorph, Bevis Frond, Twink

Issue 4 (1990): Edgar Broughton, Barry Dransfield, Captain Sensible, Flaming Lips, Walkingseeds, Dave Stewart, Utopian Fields, Spirit, Bevis Frond

Issue 5 (1990): Pete Brown, Blue Cheer, Dead Moon, Man, Barry Dransfield, Spirit, Dave Stewart, Napalm Beach, Audio Murphy, Bevis Frond, Green Pajamas

Issue 6 (1991): Current 93, John Cipollina, Cliff Richard, Vietnam Veterans, Man, Dave Stewart, Galaxie 500

Issue 7 (1991): Tony McPhee, Legendary Pink Dots, Curved Air, Jerry Donahue, Trees, Marshmallow Overcoat, Man, Sundial, Van Der Graaf Generator

Issue 8 (1991): Nurse With Wound, H.P. Lovecraft, Van der Graaf Generator, The Badgeman, Davey Graham, Alan Moore, Caravan, Man, Jamie Muir, Incredible String Band, Proteus Lights

Issue 9 (1992): Robert Wyatt, Help Yourself, The Troggs, Clark Hutchinson, Ant Bee, Alan Moore, Glenn Phillips, Mandragora

Issue 10 (1992): Shirley Collins, Hawkwind, Kaleidoscope (US), Tractor, Cul De Sac, Dr. Brown, Glenn Phillips, Gordon Haskell, Mooseheart Faith, Help Yourself, The Nice

Issue 11 (1992): Kaleidoscope (US), Robin Trower, Iain Matthews, Yardbirds, Big Brother, Hampton Grease Band, Magic Mushroom Band, Arthur Lee

Issue 12 (1992): Patto, Martin Carthy, White Heaven, Mothers of Invention, John Kirkpatrick, The Daily Flash, Rutles, Monomen, Pavlov's Dog, Cerebral Corps, Alchemysts, Simon House

Issue 13 (1993): Noel Redding, Andy Roberts, Mothers of Invention, Ed Kuepper, Loud Family, Popealopes, Michael Quercio, Medicine Ball, Laughing Trees, Walkabouts, Gas Huffer

Issue 14 (1993): Viv Stanshall, the Shadows, Jefferson Airplane, Kaleidoscope (UK), the Mothers of Invention, Dean Carter, the Ramones, Alice's Orb, Jane Pow, Evergreen Dazed, Young Fresh Fellows, Ghost, the Wall of Sleep

Issue 15 (1993): Crawlspace, Paul Kantner, Marble Sheep, Plummet Airlines, Fairfield Parlour, Mike Gunn, the Kinks, Paul McCartney, Strapping Fieldhands, Anglagard, Tom Rapp, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, the Soft Boys

Issue 16 (1994): Velvet Underground, Them, Show of Hands, Red Chair Fadeaway, Jefferson Airplane, Dan Hicks, Tom Rapp, Wizz Jones, Family, 11th Dream Day, Flying Saucer Attack, Blossom Toes, Guided by Voices

Issue 17 (1994): David Ackles, Band of Susans, Nick Kent, Arthur Lee, Fiona Joyce, Blossom Toes, Prisonshake, Simon Nicol, Skooshny, Flamin' Groovies, Mick Farren, Jefferson Airplane

Issue 18 (1995): Tiny Tim, Robyn Hitchcock, Celibate Rifles, Episode Six, Steve Wynn, Gene Parsons, Roy Harper, Paul Roland, Dave Swarbrick, Arthur, Smell of Incense

Issue 19 (1995): Moby Grape, Pete Sears, Michael Chapman, Reverb, National Heroes, Bevis Frond, St. Mikael, The Lyres, The Flat Earth Society, Episode 6, The Wellwater Conspiracy, Frank Zappa

Issue 20 (1996): Julian Cope, Mighty Baby, Jessamine, The Spacious Mind, Sundial, Moby Grape, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Marilyn Decade, Brother J.T

Issue 21 (1996): Pete Best, Bridget St. John, Sonic Boom, The Grifters, Moby Grape, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Nazz, Porcupine Tree, Dead C, Guru Guru

Issue 22 (1997): The Silver Apples, Roy Montgomery, Richard Davies, The Mandrake Memorial, The Outsiders, Warser Gate, Witch Hazel, The Shadows

Issue 23 (1997): Alastair Galbraith, The Monks, Damon & Naomi, Peter Green, 50 Foot Hose, Barbara Manning, Hood, Bert Jansch, Randy California

Issue 24 (1998): Electric Prunes, Guided by Voices, The Misunderstood, The Lazily Spun, Cosmic Invention, Karl Precoda, Pelt, and Salamander

Issue 25 (1998): The Savage Resurrection, Stars of the Lid, Atman, Can, Green Pajamas, Country Joe McDonald, Zumpano, Rhombus of Doom, Gomez

Issue 26 (1999): The Magic Band, Linus Pauling Quartet, Steamhammer, Stone Breath, the Doors, the Kinks, Supreme Dicks, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Issue 27 (1999): David Ackles, Windy & Carl, Vortex Navigation Co., Eyeless in Gaza, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band part 2, the Webb Brothers, Hawkwind (Dave Brock), and Nikki Sudden

Issue 28 (2000): Kinks (Dave Davies), Captain Beefheart, Mac Macleod, Charles Shaar Murray, Six Organs of Admittance, Deviants, Indian Bingo, Pins, Arco

Issue 29 (2000): John Mayall, Small Faces, Greg Weeks, Faust, Disposmaniacs, Mac Macleod, Scenic, Flying Saucer Attack, Abunai!, Iain Sinclair

Issue 30 (2001): Bardo Pond, The Lucky Bishops, Its A Beautiful Day, Jeff Nuttall, Gary Marker, Subarachnoid Space, Vashti Bunyan, The Minus 5, Mirza, Soft Machine

Issue 31 (2002): Acid Mothers Temple, Amber Asylum, Bardo Pond, Keith Christmas, Circulus, Clientele, Delicate AWOL, Will Sergeant/Glide, the Hollies, Michio Kurihara of Ghost and The Minders

Issue 32 (2002): Forest, Apples in Stereo, Kinski, Landing, Ultimate Spinach, Fantasyy Factoryy, Damo Suzuki, Peter Scion, Charalambides, Paik, The Iditarod, and Phosphene

Issue 33 (2002): The Golden Dawn, Piano Magic, Destroy all Monsters, Cerberus Shoal, The Land of Nod, Dora Flood, Lol Coxhill, Mountain Goats, Terrastock 5, Rockette Morton, Quicksilver Diaries, and The Sandpebbles

Issue 34 (2004): Electric Prunes, Lazily Spun, United States of America, Jennifer Gentle, Steve Wynn/Dream Syndicate, Eleventh Dream Day, Comets on Fire, Kaleidoscope (US), Jade, the Ill Wind, Steven Wray Lobdell, Clive Palmer, Verdure, Country Weather, and Quicksilver Messenger Service

Issue 35 (2004): Movietone, Sharron Kraus, In Gowan Ring, Jack Rose, Tarentel, Longstone, Mission of Burma, Nick Nicely, the Stooges and The Open Mind