Rock Odyssey: A Chronicle of the Sixties

Author: Ian Whitcomb

Publication date: 1983


A new edition was published in 2004.

This autobiographical work includes a section about the birth of psychedelic rock which includes a section about the Grateful Dead.

From the rear cover of the 2004 edition:

"In 1965, Ian Whitcomb's novelty rocker 'You Turn Me On' was number eight on the national charts, along with entries from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys. In 1966 he was nowheresville a certified rock 'n' roll flash in the pan. It is, then, with a survivor's humour that he tells both his and rock's story from its beginnings in the late fifties to 1969, the year of Woodstock and psychedelic dreams of universal peace and love. Here is the saga of the British Invasion, the genesis of folk rock, the blooming of Flower Power, the Summer of Love and the inner workings of the pop music biz, brought to life by a true insider who is also an uninhibitedly acute observer."
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