Selling The 90s: A Decade Of Riding The Wave From Tie-Dyes To Comic Books To Beanie Babies To Pokémon And Everything In Between

Eric S. Siegel & James A. Siegel

Publication date: 2019


Publisher information:

In the midst of the hippy culture resurgence of the late 80s, Eric made a living selling tie-dyed t-shirts on Shakedown Street at Grateful Dead concerts. In 1991, his son James was born and Eric had to stop making tie-dyes, which led him to the baseball card boom. Cards led to comics led to Beanies, Magic, Power Rangers, Furbies, Yo-Yos, Pogs, and everything in between. The nation was caught up in a decade of consumer crazes. But many don't know the craziness that happened behind the scenes and sellers like Eric scrambled to keep up with the trends and get the latest hot product into your hands. Throughout this book you will learn insider secrets, meet unsavory characters, and see how the seemingly short-lived trends of 90s shaped the new millennium.
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