Sing My Way Home: Voices of the New American Roots Rock

Keith and Kent Zimmerman

Publication date : 2004

Backbeat Books

From the inner sleeve blurb:

"The late 60's collision of country and rock created a musical explosion. Pioneering artists like Gram Parsons and Delaney and Bonnie sparked a revolution that resonates today in the diverse work of performers and sonwriters such as Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams and Neko Case - musicians now united under the banner of American roots rock.

Sing My Way Home is a diary, a primer, and a plain-speaking series of vignettes, essays, and profiles tracing the evolution of American roots rock, a straight-from-the-heart genre generously spiced with country, folk, blues, and rock 'n' roll. In revealing, exclusive interviews, the authors speak with the artists who saw the birth of roots rock, those who carry on the tradition, and those who continually revitalize it. Throughout the book these musicians share their stories, detail their creative processes and recount their fears, frustrations and triumphs.

Keeping the focus on the music, every chapter includes a playlist of essential recordings to guide readers in downloading tracks and building their own roots-rock libraries. The book ends with the authors' picks for the top 100 roots-rock classics, a list that's sure to generate many a late night debate."

The Grateful Dead albums, American Beauty and Workingman's Dead, and the first New Riders Of The Purple Sage album are included in the top 100 classics list.
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