The Sixties: Photographs by Robert Altman

Author: Robert Altman, Ben Fong-Torres

Publication date: 2007

Santa Monica Press

Publishers description:

Abbie Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Ken Kesey, and Grace Slick are among the iconic 1960s figures immortalized in pictures and commentary by this legendary photographer from Rolling Stone magazine's early heyday. An affectionate tribute that juxtaposes cooled-out hippies in Haight-Ashbury against history-making shots of huge rock concerts and peace marches, the book portrays the youth revolution in full swing and showcases the writers, musicians, movie stars, organizers, and political leaders that made it happen. Aside from some of the most recognizable photographs from the 1960s, many of the shots are rare or little-known, providing freshness and immediacy to a revealing overview of a tumultuous decade.
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