The Routledge History of Social Protest in Popular Music

Editor: Jonathan C. Friedman

Publication date: 2013


A collection of 28 essays that provide an introduction to the history of social protest music. Includes one essay that discusses Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.


  • What Is Social Protest Music? : One Historian's Perspective - Jonathan Friedman
  • African-American Protest Music In The 19th Century - Burton Peretti
  • God, Garrison, And The Ground : The Hutchinson Family Singers And The Origins Of Commercial Protest Music - Scott Gac
  • Solidarity Forever : Music And The Labor Movement In The United States - Benjamin Bierman
  • Sonic Opposition : Protesting Racial Violence Before Civil Rights - Katherine Turner
  • Jewish Voices Of Protest On Broadway : From The Eternal Road To The Cradle Will Rock And Beyond - Jonathan Friedman
  • Antiwar Protest In Popular Music In The United States, 1917-1970 - Robert Kodosky
  • Bob Dylan : An American Tragedian - Kile Jones
  • A Screaming Comes Across The Dial : Country, Folk, And Atomic Protest Music - Rob Weiner And John Cline
  • A Soul Message : R & B, Soul, And The Black Freedom Struggle - James Smethurst
  • Societal Visions In Progressive Rock - Edward Macan
  • Radical Protest In Rock : Zappa, Lennon, And Garcia - Jacqueline Edmondson And Rob Weiner
  • Falling Into Fancy Fragments : Punk, Protest And Politics - Travis Jackson
  • Women, Rap, And Hip-Hop : The Challenge Of Image - Gail Hilson Woldu
  • I Predict A Riot : Riot Grrls And The Contradiction Of Feminism - Shayna Maskell
  • Anger Is A Gift : Post-Cold War Rock And The Anti-Capitalist Movement - David Robinson
  • Concerts For A Cause (Or 'Cause We Can?) - H. Louise Davis
  • What Every Revolution Should Know : A Musical Model Of Global Protest - Ingrid Bianca Byerly
  • Revolutionary Words : Reggae's Evolution From Protest To Mainstream - Stephen A. King And P. Renee Foster
  • "We Need More Than Love" : Three Generations Of North American Indigenous Protest Singers - Elyse Carten Vosen
  • European Pop Music And The Notion Of Protest - Anna Piotrowska
  • Lead-Made Flowers : Political And Cultural Protest In Brazilian Popular Music - Ricardo Santhiago
  • Songs For Freedom : South African Music And The Struggle Against Apartheid - Mark Malisa
  • "Sorrow, Tears, And Blood" : Fela Anikulapo Kuti And Protest In Nigeria - Saheed Aderinto
  • Telling The Truth And Commenting Reality : "Harsh Criticism" In Guinea-Bissau's Intervention Music - Anne-Kristin Borszik
  • Deglamorizing Protest : The Politics Of "Song And Dance" In Popular Indian Cinema - Prakash Kona
  • Protesting Australia : Convict Theatre And Kelly Ballads - Stephen Gaunson
  • Protest Rock In Communist China - Dennis Rea
  • Conclusion : Popular Protest Music In History - Allan Moore
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