Tangled Up In Tunes: Ballad Of A Dylanhead

How 300 Nights with Dylan and the Dead Changed My Life

Author: Howard F. Weiner

Publication date : 2012

Pencil Hill Publishing

A memoir exploring life on the road following the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan in the 1980's.

From the back cover:

It all began in a blizzard on his way to see the Grateful Dead in Philadelphia. Twenty seven years later, in 2009, Howard “Catfish” Weiner's road rhapsody landed him in Las Vegas for his 100th Bob Dylan show. Tangled Up in Tunes is the memoir of how 300 nights with Dylan and the Dead changed his life. A ramblin' man seeking identity in conformist times, Catfish clung to the music that inspired him. As an eyewitness to a legacy of historical performances, Catfish delivers a distinctive tale of the two longest running tours in American music: The Grateful Dead's "Long Strange Trip," and Bob Dylan's "Never Ending Tour." Tangled Up in Tunes is a tale of staying forever young by following your muse.
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