Ugly Things

Publication date: 199? to present

Ugly Things is a US based magazine that concentrates on beat, garage and psychedelic music of the 1960's. Subjects outside this area though are covered regularly. The magazine includes in-depth articles, exclusive interviews and album reviews.

Ugly Things is published by Mike Stax and is based in San Diego. Writers who have contributed to issues of the Ugly Things over the years include Mick Farren, Alan Clayson, Richie Unterberger, Doug Sheppard, Miriam Linna, Phil X Milstein, William Gibson and Michael Lucas.

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Each issue covers a wide range of music and includes many reviews. The main subjects of the issues to the time of writing have been as follows.

Issue 1 : Punk from the Vaults, Byrds, Q65, Steve Garris

Issue 2 : Sean Bonniwell, The Leaves, the Gants, Punk from the Vaults

Issue 3 : The Lyrics, Gene Clark, Q65, Sky Saxon, Pretty Things, Dave Davies

Issue 4 : Phil May, Dutch Beat, Elvis Presley, the Lords, the Pretty Things

Issue 5 : The Downliners Sect, The Gants, the Rolling Stones, The Spectacles, Q65

Issue 6 : Phil May, The Pretty Things, The Downliners Sect, the In Crowd, Wally Tax

Issue 7 : Wally Waller, Tages, Joe Meek, Q65, Lord Tim Hudson, The Syndicate

Issue 8 : Twink, Downliners Sect, Les Baroques

Issue 9 : John Stax, Druids of Stonehenge, Joe Meek, Downliners Sect

Issue 10 : The Best of Issues 1 to 4

Issue 11 : The Monks, Humane Society, Les Problemes, Ranger Sound, Downliners Sect, Pretty Things

Issue 12 : Misfits, Monks, Downliners Sect, Pretty Things, Los Cheyenes

Issue 13 : Birds, Misfits, The Liverpool Five, Arthur Lee and Love

Issue 14 : Crime, The Artwoods, The Pack, Them, Johnny Ramone, Sean Bonniwell/Music Machine

Issue 15 : The Creation, Shel Talmy, Brian Jones, The Poets, Chocolate Watchband, The Montells

Issue 15 (and a half) : The Best Of Issues 5 & 6: Q65, Pretty Things 1967-71, The Outsiders, The Gants, Syndicats, Spectacles

Issue 16 : Union Carbide productions, The Outsiders, Bonzo Dog Band, The Creation, The Zombies

Issue 17 : The Pretty Things, The Real Kids, The Damnation of Adam Blessing, Big Boy Pete Miller, Dock Boggs, Love, Downliners Sect, Fred Neil

Issue 18 : Screaming Lord Such, The Music Machine, The Beat Merchants, The Chocolate Watchband, The Third Bardo, Shirley Collins, Dave Berry

Issue 19 : Kim Fowley, Gandalf, PJ Proby, the Deviants, the Pretty Things, top 100 DIY records of the '70s and '80s

Issue 20 : The Misunderstood, Yardbirds, Shangri-La's, Public Nuisance, Tonto & The Renegades, The Mynah Birds

Issue 21 : The Misunderstood, Meic Stevens, the Paupers, Keith Relf, Skip Spence, PJ Proby, The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things, The Downliners Sect and The Yardbirds

Issue 22 : The Misunderstood, Ace Kefford, Chris Youlden, Pretty Things, Brian Jones