Yonder Come the Blues : The Evolution of a Genre

Author: Paul Oliver, Tony Russell, Robert M. W. Dixon, John Godrich, Howard Rye

Publication date: 2001

Cambridge University Press

Yonder Comes The Blues combines three books which were originally published by Studio Vista in the UK in 1970;

  • Savannah Syncopators by Paul Oliver
  • Blacks, Whites and Blues by Tony Russell
  • Recording The Blues by Robert M. W. Dixon, John Godrich and Howard Rye
Savannah Syncopators examines African retentions in some aspects of the Blues.

Blacks, Whites and Blues discusses the cross fertilisation between black and white musicians in the early decades of the 20th century.

Recording The Blues is a history of the recording of Blues music up to the 1940s.

Together they provide an examination of the origins of Blues music.

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