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Initial release : 1998

Interscope 90301

This double CD compilation includes the track Changes which includes samples from Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is.


  • Keep Ya Head Up (Anderson/Troutman/Two Pac/Vincent)
  • 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Arnaud/Broadus/Two Pac)
  • Temptations (Clinton/Harvey/Murdock/Shider/Spradley/Trouthman/Troutman/Two Pac)
  • God Bless the Dead (Two Pac)
  • Hail Mary (Kastro/Noble/Rice/Two Pac)
  • Me Against the World (Bacharach/David/Karlin/Riperton/Rudolph/Schack/Two Pac/Ware)
  • How Do U Want It (Jackson/Two Pac)
  • So Many Tears (Baker/Jacobs/Two Pac/Wonder)
  • Unconditional Love (Jackson/Two Pac)
  • Trapped (Gooden/Two Pac/Tyson)
  • Life Goes On (Jackson/Two Pac)
  • Hit 'Em Up (Golde/Hitchings/Lambert/Two Pac)
  • Troublesome '96 (Hutchins/Smith/Two Pac)
  • Brenda's Got a Baby (Evans/Two Pac)
  • I Get Around (Brooks/Jacobs/Murdock/Troutman/Troutman/Two Pac)
  • I Ain't Mad at Cha (Arnaud/Jordan/Two Pac)
  • Changes (Evans/Hornsby/Two Pac)
  • California Love [Original Version] (Cocker/Hooks/Hudson/Stainton/Troutman/Troutman)
  • Picture Me Rollin' (Edwards/Himes/Jackson/Two Pac)
  • How Long Will They Mourn Me? (Burns/Gass/Griffin/Himes/Rivers/Two Pac)
  • Toss It Up (Hailey/Hailey/Hall/Steward/Two Pac)
  • Dear Mama (Pizarro/Sample/Two Pac)
  • All About U (Blackmon/Fula/Jackson/Jenkins/Two Pac/Washington)
  • To Live and Die in L.A. (Jones/Two Pac/Young)
  • Heartz of Men (Blake/Clinton/Collins/Haskins/Prince/Two Pac/Worrell)

  • Executive Producer - Afeni Shakur
  • Producers - 2Pac, Reggie Moore, Raw Fusion, Live Squad, Warren G., David Blake, Ramone Gooden, Soulshock, Karlin, Dat Nigga Daz, Johnny Jackson, Nate Dogg, Johnny J, Tony Pizarro, DJ Daryl, Suge Knight, Big D the Impossible
  • Engineer - Tim Nitz
  • Mixing - Carl "Butch" Small, Lance Pierre, Keston Wright
  • Mastering - Brian Gardner
  • Photography - Ken Nahoum
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Changes was released as a single;

  • Changes (Radio Edit) / Changes (Album Version), 2Pac, Death Row/Interscope INT5P-6488
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