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Alligator Moon

Robert Hunter

Recorded in 1978 but not released

This album was recorded but never released. Some tracks are Hunter with the group Comfort, some are solo Hunter. Three tracks from the album were released on the Robert Hunter compilation Promontory Rider.


  • Mesa Linda (Hunter)
  • Domino, Cigarette and Melina (Hunter / Morgenstern)
  • Domino (Hunter / Morgenstern)
  • Blue Note (Hunter / McNees)
  • New East St. Louis Blue (Hunter / McNees)
  • Cigarette (Hunter / McNees)
  • She Gives Me Love (Hunter)
  • Drunkard's Carole (Hunter)
  • Hooker's Ball (Hunter)
  • Jesse James (Hunter / Melton)
  • Promontory Rider (Hunter)

Musician information is given with the release of some tracks on the Promontory Rider compilation;

Promontory Rider and Hooker's Ball;

  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals
  • Marleen Molle - vocals
  • Kathleen Klein - vocals
  • Kevin Morgenstern - guitar
  • Richard McNees - keyboards
  • Larry Klein - bass
  • Rodney Albin - vina
  • Pat Lorenzano - drums
Drunkard's Carol;
  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals

  • Producer - Bob Matthews
  • Engineer - Betty Cantor-Jackson
  • Produced at Front Street

Hunter toured and recorded with the group Comfort in 1978. No album was released. Some tapes of Comfort shows circulate.

Related releases

Promontory Rider, Hooker's Ball and Drunkard's Carol were included on the Robert Hunter compilation album;