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Cheval Sombre

Initial release : 2021

Fat Elvis Records

A 10" vinyl single that includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song Althea. The single is also available digitally.


Side A:

  • Althea (Garcia / Hunter)
Side B:
  • Are You Ready (Sonic Boom AM Remix) (Cheval Sombre)
  • So Far Away (Knopfler)

  • Cheval Sombre - guitar, vocals
  • Dean Wareham - guitar (on Are You Ready)
  • Sonic Boom keyboards, processing (on Althea and Are You Ready)
  • Gillian Rivers strings (on Althea)

  • Produced - Sonic Boom
  • Recording - Darshan Jesrani
  • Recording (So Far Away) - Cheval Sombre
  • Mixing - Sonic Boom
  • Mastering - Matthew J Saunders
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