American Stranger / Happy Traum In Concert, 1981

Happy Traum

Initial release : 2011

An expanded edition of an album that was originally released in 1977. The bonus DVD with this expanded edition includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song Friend Of The Devil.


CD: American Stranger:

  • American Stranger
  • Eighth Day Of January
  • Buckets Of Rain
  • When I Was A Cowboy
  • I Am A Pilgrim
  • Doney Girl
  • Golden Bird
  • Sheebeg And Sheemore
  • Dark Road Blues
  • Delia's Gone
  • I'll Fly Away
DVD: In Concert, 1981:
  • My Homes Across The Smokey Mountains
  • Dark Road Blues
  • Monday Morning Blues
  • Gypsy Davey
  • The American Stranger
  • I Am A Pilgrim
  • Buckets Of Rain
  • Sixteen Tons
  • The Bounty Hunter
  • Relax Your Mind
  • Friend Of The Devil
  • Sheebeg An Shemore
  • The Golden Bird
album cover

album cover