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Amagamalin Street

Robert Hunter

Initial release : 1984

Relix 2003

Robert Hunter's fourth album. A 'Rock Novel'. A cycle of interlinked songs originally issued as a double LP.

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Side 1

  • Roseanne (Hunter)
Side 2
  • Amagamalin Street (Hunter)
  • Gypsy Parlor Light (Hunter)
  • Rambling Ghost (Hunter)
Side 3
  • Ithaca (Hunter)
  • Don't Be Deceived (Hunter)
  • Taking Maggie Home (Hunter)
  • Out of the City (Hunter)
  • Better Bad Luck (Hunter)
Side 4
  • Streetwise (Hunter)
  • Face Me (Hunter)
  • Where Did You Go? (Hunter)
  • 13 Roses (Hunter)
Due to space constraints Face Me is omitted from CD reissues of the album.


Tracks 1-4;

  • Robert Hunter - acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Vaclav Berosini - bass
  • Roy Blumenfeld - drums
  • John Cipollina - electric guitar
Tracks 5-13;
  • Robert Hunter - acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Vaclav Berosini - bass
  • Roy Blumenfeld - drums
  • Jorma Kaukonen - electric guitar
  • Merl Saunders - keyboards
  • Rodney Albin - violin

  • Recording, mixing - Dr. Richie Moore, Fred Waxler
  • Cover Painting - Maureen Hunter
  • Lettering - Gary Kroman
  • Design - Gregg Zuhle
  • Layout - Brooklyn Bridge Pub.
  • Agency - CMI Steve Martin
  • Recorded at Marin Sound, San Rafael

Robert Hunter comments on the origin of the Amagamalin Street Suite in Box Of Rain: Lyrics 1965 - 1993;

The idea for Amagamalin Street occurred to me while leaning against a building on Fifth Avenue. I was in one of those ego-flattened mindframes that visit my West Coast psyche when confronted by Manhattan

I began thinking about the values people must assign to themselves, and believe in despite all evidence, in order to cope with the giganticism of Metropolis. I saw a drunk on the other side of the street making a show of himself - and began inventing his story. I had a pencil but no paper - not a problem in New York; I picked up a handbill in the gutter for a show at the Apollo, and began to write on the back of it.

These notes then continue with a song by song synopsis - buy the book if you want to read that.

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