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Aoxomoxoa: 50th Anniversary Picture LP

Grateful Dead

Initial release : 2019

Grateful Dead Productions

A single LP edition of the third Grateful Dead album marking the 50th anniversary of the original release. This edition comprises the 1971 band remix of the album. For more information about the album see the original Aoxomoxoa album page.


    1971 remix

  • St. Stephen (Garcia/Lesh/Hunter)
  • Dupree's Diamond Blues (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Rosemary (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Doin' That Rag (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Mountains Of The Moon (Garcia/Hunter)
  • China Cat Sunflower (Garcia/Hunter)
  • What's Become Of The Baby (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Cosmic Charlie (Garcia/Hunter)

  • Tom Constanten - keyboards
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
  • Mickey Hart - percussion
  • Bill Kreutzmann - percussion
  • Phil Lesh - basses, vocals
  • Ron McKernan - Pig Pen
  • Bob Weir - guitars, vocals
The Supporting Musicians;
  • John Dawson (Marma-duke)
  • David Nelson
  • Peter Grant
  • Wendy
  • Debbie
  • Mouse

Original 1969 album.

  • Producer - The Grateful Dead
  • Arranger - The Grateful Dead
  • Engineer - Bob Matthews and Betty Cantor
  • Cover Illustration - Rick Griffin
The credits given on the sleeve are;

The Crew:

  • BOB MATTHEWS - Executive engineer
  • BETTY CANTOR - Engineer (Hot Dog!)
  • CONSULTING ENGINEERS - Ron Wickershim, Dan Healy, Owsley
  • KWIPMENT KREW - Ramrod, John P. Hagen, Jackson
  • THE WORDS - Robert Hunter
  • THE TUNES - Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh

  • Recorded at Pacific Recording Studios in San Mateo in late 1968 and early 1969
  • Completed at Pacific High Recording in San Francisco
Remixed album.

Remixed in September 1971 at Alembic Studios, San Francisco;

  • Remix engineers - Bob and Betty
50th anniversary edition:
  • Producer - Grateful Dead, David Lemieux
  • Album remastering - David Glasser of Airshow Mastering
  • Live recording remastering - Jeffrey Norman
  • Research - Eileen Law
  • Tape research - Michael Wesley Johnson
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Aoxomoxoa was originally released in 1969:

A deluxe 2 CD version of the album was also released to mark the 50th anniversary: For information about other Aoxomoxoa releases see the page for the original album.

For information about other Grateful Dead releases that include music from this period see the 1969 section of the Dead by Date page.

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