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Apocalypse Now Soundtrack

Various Artists

Initial release : 1979


Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann as part of the Rhythm Devils contribute some music to this soundtrack album released in conjunction with the original release of the Apocalypse Now movie. Two tracks are co-written by Mickey Hart, Carmine Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola. The album comprises music interspersed with sections of dialogue and narration from the movie.


  • The End (Doors)
  • Saigon [Narration and Dialogue]
  • The End (Part 2) (Doors)
  • Terminate [Narration and Dialogue]
  • Delta (Coppola / Coppola)
  • P.B.R. [Narration and Dialogue]
  • Dossier I (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Colonel Kilgore [Narration and Dialogue]
  • Orange Light (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner)
  • Napalm in the Morning (Dialogue)
  • Pre-Tiger
  • Dossier II (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Suzie Q (Hawkins / Lewis / Broadwater)
  • 1 (Coppola)
  • 75 Klicks (Dialogue)
  • Nung River (Coppola / Coppola / Hart)
  • Do Lung (Coppola / Coppola / Hansen)
  • Letters From Home (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Clean's Death (Coppola / Coppola / Hart)
  • Chief's Death (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Strange Voyage (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Kurtz' Compound (Dialogue)
  • Willard's Capture
  • Errand Boy (Dialogue)
  • Chef's Head (Coppola / Coppola)
  • Hollow Men
  • Horror (Dialogue)
  • Even the Jungle Wanted Him Dead (Dialogue)
  • End (Coppola / Coppola)
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Music realised by;

  • Master synthesist - Patrick Gleeson
  • Synthesists - Richard Beggs, Bernard L. Krause (assisted by Andy Narrell), Don Preston, Shirley Walker, Nyle Steiner (EVI soloist)
  • Guitar - Randy Hansen
  • Flute - Carmine Coppola
  • Percussion based score - Mickey Hart
  • Percussion recording production assistance - Airto Moreira, Michael Hinton, Gian-Carlo Coppola
  • Percussion performers - Mickey Hart, Jordan Amarantha, Greg Errico, Zakir Hussain, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Jim Loveless
  • Special thanks - Flora Purim
  • Choir conductor - Carmine Coppola
  • Choir contractor - Ron Hicklin
  • Gospel singers - Henrietta Davis, Sheila Ellis, Jeannie Tracy
  • Singers contractor - Doug Kibble
Additional music;
  • The End - The Doors
  • Ride of the Valkyries - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir George Solti
  • Suzie Q - Flash Cadillac

  • Music for the film produced by David Rubinson
  • Recording engineers - Leslie Ann Jones, Bill Steele, Ken Kessie, Richard Beggs, Katherine Morton, Jim Austin, Shelley Higgins, Steve Mantoani, Stacy Baird, Emil Flock, Dan Healy, Bob Matthews, Brett Cohen, Betty Cantor-Jackson, Phil Yeend, Charles Garsha
  • Mixing engineer - Richard Beggs
  • Music recorded at The Automatt, San Francisco; American Zeotrope Studios, San Francisco; Different Fur Music, San Francisco; Club Front, San Rafael
  • Mixed at American Zeotrope Studios, San Francisco
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This soundtrack album was released in conjunction with;

The movie was subsequently extended and remastered and a new sound soundtrack album was released to accompany the new version; The music recorded by Mickey Hart and other percussion players (the Rhythm Devils), part of which appears in the movie, has been released on two albums;