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Arista AOR Sampler

Various Artists

Initial release : 1978

Arista ALS 06

A two LP promotional sampler containing tracks from Arista and Arista/Stiff albums released in the US in 1978. The two LPs are housed in a single LP sleeve. This release includes two tracks from the Jerry Garcia Band album, Cats Under The Stars.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this sampler are;

Record 1;

  • Because The Night - Patti Smith Group
  • Privilege (Set Me Free) - Patti Smith Group
  • Joey & Me - The Strawbs
  • I Don't Want To Talk About It - The Strawbs
  • I Have Never Been In Love Before - John Miles
  • No Hard Feelings - John Miles
  • Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
  • Wake Up & Make Love To Me - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
  • I Knew The Bride - Stiffs Live (Nick Lowe)
  • Miracle Man - Stiffs Live (Elvis Costello)
  • Gimme Some Good Times - Lou Reed
  • Street Hassle - Lou Reed
Record 2
  • Holiday - The Outlaws
  • Hurry Sundown - The Outlaws
  • You're On The Wrong Track - Kevin Lamb
  • Good Time Feeling - Dickey Betts & Great Southern
  • Atlanta's Burning Down - Dickey Betts & Great Southern
  • Watch Me Rock I'm Over Thirty - Loudon Wainwright III
  • Natural Disaster - Loudon Wainwright III
  • Rubin And Cherise - Jerry Garcia Band
  • Gomorrah - Jerry Garcia Band
The two Garcia tracks are taken from the 1978 Jerry Garcia Band album Cats Under The Stars. The exact line-up of musicians for each of the tracks on this LP is not known. The following musicians contributed to the album.
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
  • Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
  • Keith Godchaux - keyboard, vocals
  • John Kahn - basses, keyboards, guitars
  • Ron Tutt - drums, percussion
  • Merl Saunders - organ
  • Maria Muldaur - vocals
  • Steve Schuster - flute, clarinet, saxophone
  • Brian Godchaux - violin
  • Candy Godchaux - violin

The sleeve of the Arista AOR Sampler gives a brief promotional description of the groups that are included. The JGB is described as follows;

Jerry Garcia Band. Jerry Garcia. Cornerstone of the Dead, sinuous guitarist, dandy vocalist and composer. Rare music man. This is his first solo album for Arista, and he's recruited the Dead's Mr. & Mrs. Godchaux, John Kahn, Ron Tutt, other friends, to make one delightful record. Maria Muldaur does slinky back-up vocals on Gomorrah.
Related releases

Rubin And Cherise and Gomorrah are taken from;

The other tracks on the sampler come from the following albums;
  • Because The Night and Privilege (Set Me Free) from Easter, Patti Smith Group, 1978, Arista 4171
  • Joey & Me and I Don't Want To Talk About It from Deadlines, The Strawbs, 1978 Arista 4172
  • I Have Never Been In Love Before and No Hard Feelings from Zaragon, John Miles, 1978, Arista 4176
  • Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Wake Up & Make Love To Me from New Boots & Panties!!, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, 1977 Stiff 0002
  • I Knew The Bride and Miracle Man from Stiffs Live, Various Artists, 1978, Stiff GET1 (US - Stiff/Arista STF0001)
  • Gimme Some Good Times and Street Hassle from Street Hassle, Lou Reed, 1978, Arista 4169
  • Holiday and Hurry Sundown from Bring It Back Alive, The Outlaws, 1978, Arista 8300
  • You're On The Wrong Track from Sailin' Down the Years, Kevin Lamb, 1978, Arista 4166
  • Good Time Feeling and Atlanta's Burning Down from Atlanta's Burning Down, Dickey Betts & Great Southern, 1978, Arista 4168
  • Watch Me Rock I'm Over Thirty and Natural Disaster from Final Exam, Loudon Wainwright III, 1978, Arista 4173
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