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Around The Horn

Souled American

Initial release : 1990

Rough Trade 75

This album includes a cover of the Keith Godchaux/Lowell George song Six Feet of Snow.

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  • Around The Horn (Adducci)
  • Second Of All (Adducci)
  • Old, Old House (Bynum/Jones)
  • Durante's Hornpipe (Traditional)
  • Rise Above It (Grigoroff / words: A. P. Carter)
  • Six Feet Of Snow (George/Godchaux)
  • Willdawg (Adducci/Grigoroff)
  • I Keep Holding Back The Tears (Adducci)
  • You (Grigoroff)
  • Luggy Di (Adducci/Barnard/Grigoroff/Tuma)
  • In The Mud (Adducci/Grigoroff)

  • Joe Adducci - bass, vocals
  • Jamey Barnard - drums
  • Chris Grigoroff - guitar, vocals
  • Scott Tuma - guitar, vocals

  • Producer, Engineer - Souled American, Brian Deck, Jeff Hamand
  • Mastering - Ken Love
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Around The Horn was released as part of a two-on-one release of Souled American's third and fourth releases;