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Initial release : 2001

Weed 7907

This release includes a song called Deadhead.


  • Take a Bus (Newman)
  • Plak! (Bean)
  • Sherry (Bean)
  • Notice Me (Bean)
  • Sucker (Bean)
  • Strip Club (Bean)
  • Deadhead (Newman)
  • EOTFY (Bean)
  • I'm Sooo Happy (Bean)
  • Hello, My Friend (Bean)


  • Bean - bass, piano, keyboards, vocals
  • David Newman - guitar, vocals
  • Kelly Amthor - vocals
  • Tim Vaughan - drums, vocals
Beenweevils musical friends
  • Cliff Truesdell - guitar
  • David Graham - guitar
  • Bruce Deaucheneaux - drums
  • Ed Ivey - horns (I'm Sooo Happy)

  • Producers - Ed Ivey, Thom Canova, Bean
  • Engineer, mixing, mastering - Thom Canova
  • Second engineers - Steve Bell, Johnny Vince Evans, Eric Koch
  • Sleeve construction - jwnleuwenhuizen @ GRAFX MFG, Amsterdam
  • Cover art - jwnleuwenhuizen after a line drawing by David Newman
  • Band photo - Laura Sensabaugh
  • Ephemeral angel - John LastMinute Zapisek

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered at Found Sound Studios, San Francisco

The lyrics to Deadhead are as follows;

Deadhead (D. Newman)

I'm a Deadhead and my dog's name's Jed,
I'm a Deadhead and my dog's name is Jed.

My dog's on a rope and I don't use soap,
My dog's on a rope and I don't use no soap.

I got dreads and Guatamalan threads,
I got dreads and Guata-malan threads.

I come from Bergen County New Jersey,
Head west and sleep in a doorway on Haight Street.

I save all the pennies I can find,
Arrange 'em on the sidewalk in the shape of a peace sign.

I sell crystals and beaded rocks,
Jed here beside me in a cardboard box.

'Cuz I'm a Deadhead and my dog's name's Jed,
I'm a Deadhead and my dog's name is Jed.

I stay at yer parents' house for free,
Bring fifteen friends, hope ya got cable TV.

Daddy bought me a Saab and a gold card, too,
When the Saab broke down, Daddy bought me a Su-ba-ru.

'Cuz Dad, money means nuthin', give me yours,
Money means nuthin', give me all of yours.

I sell cold beers in the parking lot,
My inventory confiscated by the cops.

I got beaten up by five skinheads,
They blacked my eye and they kicked my dog named Jed.

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