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Between Then And Now

The Clarks

Initial release : 2005

High Wire Music

This compilation album includes a song that refers to Jerry Garcia.

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  • Bona Fide (Joseph / Pennie)
  • Shimmy Low (Joseph)
  • On Saturday (Blasey / Joseph)
  • Hey You (Blasey)
  • Let It Go (Blasey)
  • Better Off Without You (Blasey / James)
  • Born Too Late (Blasey)
  • Butterflies and Airplanes (Joseph)
  • Snowman (Joseph)
  • Apartment Song (Blasey)
  • Cigarette Song (Blasey)
  • Mercury (Blasey)
  • Caroline (Blasey)
  • Treehouse (Blasey)
  • Penny on the Floor (Blasey)
  • Help Me Out (Blasey)
  • No Matter What (Ham)
  • Nothing's Wrong Nothing's Right (Blasey / James)

Musicians include;

  • Scott Blasey - guitar, vocals
  • Rob Hertweck - guitar
  • Greg Joseph - bass
  • David Minarik - drums

Born Too Late includes the verse;

Jimi show me how you play that thing
Elvis will I ever be a king
and Jerry all the joy and love you bring
I was born to sing.
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