The Blast of Silence


Initial release : 2006

Mad As Hell

This album includes a cover of the Bruce Hornsby song A Night on the Town.


  • Let's Go to China (Conti / Ryan)
  • Here We Go Again (Conti / Ryan)
  • The Sun Will Shine (Conti / Storey)
  • Night on the Town (Hornsby)
  • Dancin' with Steve (Conti / Storey)
  • Loving You (Robbach / Starrs)
  • Driving with Your Eyes Closed (Henley)
  • You Know How I Feel (Conti / Ryan)
  • Josie (Becker / Fagen)
  • It's Not My Cross to Bear (Allman)
  • Say You Will (Conti / Storey)
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