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Blue Light Rain

Jazz Is Dead

Initial release : June 1998

Zebra 44009

An album of cover versions of Grateful Dead songs, including Dark Star and material from the Blues For Allah and From The Mars Hotel LPs.


  • Crazy Fingers (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Unbroken Chain (Lesh / Peterson)
  • Scarlet Begonias (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Dark Star (Garcia / Hart / Kreutzmann / Hunter / Lesh / McKernan / Weir)
  • Red Baron (Cobham)
  • King Soloman's Marbles (Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh)
  • Blues for Allah Medley :
    Help On The Way (Garcia / Hunter)
    Slipknot! (Garcia / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir)
    Franklin's Tower (Garcia / Hunter / Kreutzmann)
    Spiral Stairway (Cobham / Herring / Johnson / Lavitz)

  • Billy Cobham - percussion
  • Jimmy Herring - guitar
  • Alphonso Johnson - bass
  • T. Lavitz - guitar, keyboard

  • Producer - Michael Gaiman for Rainman
  • Executive producer - Ron Rainey, Ricky Schultz
  • Recording engineer - David Vanderhaden
  • Mixing - (Genius) Bill Cooper
  • Mixing assistant - Alphonso Johnson and Michael Gaiman with Richie Podolor looking on
  • Concert production - Allen Pepper, Stan Snadowsky for the Bottom Line
  • JID production manager - Tillman Erb assisted by Rush Anderson
  • Bottom Line production manager - Steve McGuire

  • "This rendering would not have occurred without the loving guidance of Bill Cooper, Richie Podolor and the wisdom of 'under 60 minutes' Ron Rainey."

  • Special thanks to - Bill Rogers, Sid Payne, Mike Jones, Bill Reid, Dan Zelesko, Tom Lapenna, Michael Yerke, Kevin Morrow, John Pantle, Michael Jaworek, Michael Rothbard, Cathy Bodily, Rich Engler, Scott Steinecker, Lee Berry, Steve Liberatore, Jack Koshik, Steve McClellan, Colleen Fischer, Sonny Schneidau, Kevin Watley, James Barringer, Gene Vano, Linda Larsen, Bruse Houghton and MERL SAUNDERS, Ricky Schultz and the Zebra Records family. Zebra would also like to thank Arthur Aaronson for the hook up.

  • Creative direction - Doug Brown, WorldWest Communications
  • Cover art/illustration - Van Arno
  • Band photography - David Siegle

T. Lavitz auditioned for the Grateful Dead in 1990.

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Blue Light Rain was followed by a second Jazz Is Dead album, without Billy Cobham but with guest musicians, this times featuring music from the Dead's Wake Of The Flood LP;

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