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A Box Of Rain - Live 1990

Robert Hunter

Initial release : August 1991

Rykodisc 10214

Solo, live Robert Hunter album comprising mostly songs that became part of the Grateful Dead repertoire.

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  • Box Of Rain (Hunter / Lesh)
  • Scarlet Begonias (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Franklin's Tower (Garcia / Hunter / Kreutzmann)
  • Jack Straw (Hunter / Weir)
  • Brown Eyed Women (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Reuben And Cerise (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Space (Hunter)
  • Deal (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Promontory Rider (Hunter)
  • Ripple (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Boys In The Barroom (Hunter)
  • Stella Blue (Garcia / Hunter)

  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals

  • Recording engineers - Bill Blaine, Chris Kathman, Robert Hunter
  • Digital mastering ("EQ'd, plucked some clicks and pops off the tracks and smoothed the transitions") - Joe Gastwirt
  • Cover art - Maureen Hunter
  • Cover design - Tom McKeveny
  • Photography - Robert Minkin
  • Package design - Steven Jurgensmeyer
  • Liner notes - Robert Hunter
  • Live tracks recorded during December 1990

The release of this album coincided with the release of the book of Robert Hunter's lyrics, also called Box OF Rain.

Robert Hunter's liner notes indicate the track sources;

The nine "live" tunes are from my December '90 tour. Direct recordings were made of all the shows but audience tapes cut on Dr. Sam's DAT recorder (last night of the tour, The Warfield S.F.) were generally juicier than the board tapes. The three board tapes I did select were Deal from the same night, recorded by Chris Kathman, and Franklin's Tower and Space from Boston, recorded by Bill Blaine. The three studio cuts that begin and end the album were engineered by yours truly.

Box Of Rain, Scarlet Begonias and Stella Blue are studio recordings.

Franklin's Tower and Space are from a soundboard recording of the Hunter show at Boston on November 24, 1990.